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4 questions to help you know if you are misusing your air conditioner

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 8, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Habitec


 X malos usos del aire acondicionado

When the temperature rises, the first thing we do is turn on the air conditioning. And although this action doesn’t have anything reprehensible, in many occasions we aren’t conscious of the bad practices that we have when we use our air conditioners at home or in the office.

However, the misuse of air conditioning can have consequences for our pocket, our health and the ecosystem, do you want to know if you are making improper use of your air conditioners? Then, identify if you are applying the following points:

1. Do you keep the temperature of the air conditioner below 22 degrees Celsius?

Yes, we know that it's hot out there, but it's important that you keep the air conditioner at the right temperature for several reasons:

  • Each time the temperature of your air drops by one degree the power consumption increases by almost 8%, imagine the amount of power you are consuming and how high the rate of your electric bill will be!
  • If there is a difference of more than 12º between the interior of your home or office compared to the outside temperature then your air conditioner is working over and consuming more electricity.
  • Due to low temperatures, the air dries too much. This contributes to reduced mucosal flow and inflammation of the nose, throat and larynx. 


2. Do you make sure to keep closed the doors and windows of the space you want to cool?

If you don’t make sure that your room, house or office is completely closed then you are contributing to the air conditioning efforts to maintain the indicated temperature, and with this, consume more electricity and therefore, you pay much more.

The tightness is key: have doors and windows properly sealed, avoid excessive air leaks and temperature variations. 

3. It's been more than a year since you gave maintenance your air conditioning?

Maintenance of your air conditioning is important not only for reasons of electrical efficiency but also for health reasons. Improper maintenance of this device can turn the air conditioner into a fan of germs and bacteria that we breathe daily and make us sick.

It’s advisable to clean the air conditioning filters at least twice a year. A dirty filter reduces the performance of the system and increases the consumption up to 10%, so try to have a proper maintenance plan.


4. Do you make sure to keep your home or office cool and airy?

Believe it or not, the temperature of your home or office has a lot to do with the proper use of air conditioning. We explain:

If your house is ventilated and fresh your air conditioning will work more efficiently and will use less energy when trying to reach the temperature you have indicated.

We recommend that you:

  • In the mornings and afternoons keep the windows open, especially those in which there’s a good air intake and those that are located in the rooms where you most use the air conditioning.
  • If you have already turned on the AC in a room, close the curtains to prevent the room from heating up faster.
  • As much as possible, find out about the use of the color palette for the facade of your home. Use light colors or filtering systems in the windows that help keep your house cool; these two tools can save energy up to 15% in the daily use of cooling equipment.


By answering these questions you will know if you are misusing your air conditioner and will help you save on your electricity consumption and protect you from respiratory diseases. Apply the knowledge you have gained by reading this article in this hot season!

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