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Do inverter air conditioners actually reduce your electricity consumption?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 8, 2017 10:49:08 AM / by Habitec


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Surely you have already heard about inverter air conditioners and their wonderful advantages
over conventional systems, the most outstanding of which is their considerable savings in light consumption, but how real is this saving? Here we answer this question.

Why is it easier to save energy with an inverter system than with a conventional one?

The main reason is because the inverter is able to control, through an electronic board, the frequency of the electric current, increasing the capacity of the compressor up to 30%. What does this mean? This way, the compressor adapts to the climatic needs of your home or office, managing to increase from 10% to 100% of its capacity, but dosing energy.

In this way, the compressor can save energy without the starts and stops, decreasing in a year between 30 and 60% the consumption of electric energy.

It’s safe to say that inverter equipment can help you reduce your light consumption. However, before you rush out to buy yours, there are a couple of things you need to know to make the savings real, so take note.


Be cautious with the use of air conditioning

The fact that inverters save energy doesn’t mean that you should use air conditioning without measure. The inverter is an electrical appliance and if you aren’t careful about the consumption, you’ll never see the savings.

Tip: When using your air conditioner, make sure the windows and doors in your home are closed and keep your air at a temperature of 24ºC/75ºF. This will be enough to make the entire space of your home or office stay fresh and pleasant. Also, you can measure the energy saving efficiency of your inverter air with the SEER seal. If the SEER has an efficiency from 17, you can be sure that you have an efficient team.

Beware of the High Consumption Rate

If you are currently in the high consumption rate (DAC by its spanish acronym), don’t expect an inverter to be the solution to the high prices on your power bill.

Do not abuse the capacity of the inverter system

Although the inverter system is far superior to the conventional ones and allows to have a greater power (in some cases up to 40% more), it’s not necessary to abuse its capacity. Having the system turned on at maximum power for more than 20 minutes, means forcing the compressor and therefore you will never see any savings, and you can damage the system.

Tip: In general, inverters have three powers: minimum, nominal and maximum. It’s recommended to use it at the nominal power, which is the actual or base. This way, the machine will do everything in automatic, without having to force the equipment. 43694254_l.jpg

Choose the right inverter system

It’s important to keep in mind that in order for your electricity consumption savings to be significant, it’s best to purchase an inverter with the necessary power, according to the needs of your home, department or office. Many people, to save some money, buy a machine with less power and in the long run this mistake is more expensive.

Tip: Before making the purchase, find out about the characteristics of the equipment and keep in mind how big or small the space where you are going to place it is, so you can know if you need one or more devices, or something with less power.

Now that you know these details about the inverter, you can buy one of these devices and have the peace of mind that on your next receipt of electricity there won’t be unpleasant surprises regarding the power rate.

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