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6 ways to pay less power (and not be arrested in the attempt)

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 27, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Habitec


Cómo pagar menos luz

During the summer, the kilowatt-hour rate is usually cheaper in locations with high temperatures, such as Yucatan, Campeche or Quintana Roo. But despite the low cost of electric power during this season, the consumption of energy increases due to the use of appliances that help us keep food fresh and the inadequate use of air conditioning.

In preparation to the hottest season of the year, we invite you to consider some recommendations to save money on electricity. According to the Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energía Eléctrica (FIDE), the correct use of electricity can save up to 42.9% on the total of your receipt, do you dare to take advantage of the following tips?

1. Use the refrigerator correctly

Freezers and refrigerators are usually on 24 hours a day and are responsible for the highest percentage of electricity consumption. To minimize the expenditure of energy it is important to avoid that these devices have a radical thermal shock and to achieve it you must:

  1. Avoid introducing hot foods.
  2. Do not leave the door of these devices open.

These two simple actions will help you reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators by up to 30%.

utiliza focos ahorradores luz

2. Use saving lights

Using 11- to 15-watt bulbs makes energy use more efficient, plus they tend to be more durable systems that perform better in terms of monetary investment.

Forget the traditional bulbs with incandescent light and welcome the saving lights. And if you have the opportunity to invest a little more, you can even invest in led bulbs to maximize energy savings and consumption.

3. Purchase intelligently

It’s important to verify that the new appliances you purchase have an energy label that indicates the level of efficiency that the appliance has, in this way you can guarantee a better use of electricity.

This habit will help you have savings of up to 16% of the annual energy consumption.

casa aisalada calor ahorro luz

4. Isolate your home from the heat

Sealing windows and doors can save up to 30% in the payment of electricity. The sealing of entrances and exits will help you keep the cold of the air conditioning constant and inside your home, which will reduce the energy demand of this type of appliances.

We recommend investing in the installation of windows with double glazing or with shading elements, this way you can isolate your home from the heat and reduce the consumption of electricity.

5. Combat vampire energy consumption

The "vampire" consumption represents 7 to 12% of the bimonthly consumption in our electricity bill and is caused by appliances that are not in use but are connected to the plugs of our house.

You should also avoid leaving lights on that are not being used and try to disconnect the devices you are not using.

buena exposición al sol instalar paneles

6. Look for alternatives

The use of technologies that generate electricity with alternative sources is one of the fastest growing practices in recent years. One of the most outstanding options is the use of solar panels, as it has proven its effectiveness in daily use and a short return on investment that has caused many people to decide on its installation and use, especially in geographical areas where solar radiation is optimal.


If you are currently paying a very high amount for your electricity bill then you must start by analyzing your consumption habits to know what you can change, then you can apply the tips mentioned in this article and if your receipt still exceeds $ 3,000 pesos every two months, then maybe it's time to consider the use of alternative energy.

We invite you to come to Habitec and learn more about the advantages of using solar panels at home and in your business.

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