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How to keep your home cool to reduce the use of air conditioning

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 20, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Habitec


 cómo tener casa fresca

When the heat is almost impossible to bear, the first thing we do is to find a cool place to take refuge in our house. However, on many occasions, our home can become a real oven and the use of air conditioning is a necessary evil that, if used unconsciously, can become a luxury.

If your receipt of power has become a major concern this season due to the excessive use of your air conditioning then it is time to implement some recommendations that will help you maintain the freshness of your home and make the use of your AC more efficient:

Paint your exterior walls with light colors

White paint and light tones will help you to reflect in 80% the sunlight that gets to your house and the walls will accumulate less heat.

For interior walls we recommend you choose pastel colors, as these will convey a sense of freshness.

Paredes blancas casa fresca

Use natural ventilation

If the air doesn’t flow in the rooms, the heat will be concentrated and the temperature will increase.

Open windows in the rooms and try to keep the doors open when no one is occupying them. You should take advantage of the evenings and nights so that the air enters your home and refreshes the rooms.

ventana abierta casa fresca

Use plants to surround yourself with a fresh environment

Find which wall receives the most impact from the sun and protect it with a green wall or a small garden. The plants help to maintain a cool environment that will benefit the walls of your home and the interior of it.

In the market there are many ornamental plants that in addition to decorating, serve to purify the air inside our homes, peace lily or English ivy are the most popular. In the case of outdoors, having a tree near your home can generate a microclimate that reduces heat and maintains a cooler environment.

plantas casa fresca

Low curtains and blinds

It may seem an incongruous recommendation, if we are talking about fresh air flowing through the rooms. However, you have to know what are specific times of the day when the windows should be open and when it’s best to close them and cover them with curtains or blinds.

The closed curtains will help you prevent windows from transmitting heat into your home and therefore, the temperature will remain at a tolerable level.

cortinas cerradas casa fresca

Reduce heat sources

Some ideas are:

  • Changing incandescent bulbs.
  • Turning off electronic devices that you are not using.

All these recommendations will help you lower the temperature in your home and turn it into a safe refuge from the high temperatures of this hot season. If your home stays cool, the use of air conditioning will decrease and therefore you won’t suffer so much when you get your electricity bill.

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