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How to save on your air conditioning consumption

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 27, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Habitec



One of the household appliances that consumes the most energy is the air conditioning. Not only because we have it on for a large part of the day, but because its operation involves a strong consumption of electricity. 

We show you some tips to keep your air conditioning from taking your entire budget in the account of light:

Use the right temperature

The first thing we do when we get home is turning on the AC to freshen up. This is a mistake, since the goal of an air conditioner isn’t to lower body heat, but to climatize the space in which we inhabit.

The ideal temperatures for the human body are between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Depending on the climate of your region, you can program 22 degrees for the day and 24 for the night.

sobreenfríar espacios aire acondicionado

Do not keep your spaces too cold

Contrary to what many people believe, air conditioning doesn’t work at different degrees, but always cools to the same temperature. What makes the difference is the time during which the engine will be running to maintain the programmed temperature. The longer it works, the cooler the environment will be, but it will also mean more spending on electricity.

Also, considering the use of an inverter air conditioner can be an excellent idea.

Remember that at lower temperatures, higher spending

Remember that for every degree Celsius you reduce in temperature, 8% extra electricity is consumed.

Avoid having the environment very cold, you will notice it if you get to the point where you are forced to keep warm to maintain body temperature, or if you feel the need to consume hot drinks such as coffee.

Aires acondicionados a temperatura correcta

Avoid temperature leaks

The air conditioning is equipped with a thermostat that works to always maintain the chosen temperature. This means that if there are sources of heat in the room, such as a coffee machine, an oven or a stove, the appliance will work harder to reach the proper degree of cold.

Check if you have different devices turned on at the same time and evaluate if they are necessary. Of course, keep closed doors and windows, and check if there are slits through which the outside air leaks, such as under the doors. If you have leaks, consider investing in completely isolating the place.

Turn off the AC when you don’t use it

Maintaining a room of normal size at the ideal temperature is a matter of a few minutes, so it’s not necessary to keep the appliance turned on if you are not going to be there for a while.

In the same way, systems that allow the device to be turned on remotely by means of a cell phone before reaching home, are not always necessary. It is also not a good idea to turn it off very often, because each time you turn it on again, the equipment will use energy to adapt to the temperature change.

apaga aire acondicionado

Install the right equipment to the space

Get advise on the model you require for the size of the place you are going to cool. Sometimes, to save a few bucks we install a smaller device than the required one, which is why our installation consumes energy constantly.

On the other hand, installing an appliance with more power than necessary, will generate more expenses, even if it’s not used at very low temperatures, and  it can affect your rate, pushing you towards the DAC rate.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Your air conditioner will interact with the temperature of the environment, so sometimes a faulty installation can make the equipment "believe" to be in an environment different from the real one and thereby spend more energy than necessary. The ideal is the assistance of a qualified professional.

instrucciones instalar aire acondicionado

Give maintenance to your equipment

Remember to clean the air filters periodically, following the periods recommended by the manufacturer or according to the quality of the outside air. This is a safe way to keep the equipment from overworking.

Another element that needs to be checked is the fan, which in case of accumulating dirt can work with more difficulty. Remember to periodically check the outdoor unit, if it’s not properly installed and fixed it can be loosened, vibrate, generate annoying noises and force a work higher than required.

If you apply these tips to the letter, very soon you will see results in the performance of your equipment, while reducing the consumption of your power.

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