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Is your roof suitable for installing solar panels?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 17, 2018 10:44:57 AM / by Habitec


One of the big questions that appear when installing a solar energy system is to know if our home is a candidate for this type of equipment, why? Mainly because there are many theories around the subject, many of them originated in other latitudes where there are problems that don't exist in Mexico.

How to know if I can install solar panels on my roof?

The roof of your house is flat

In the US, it's necesary to do a deep evaluation on the type of roof of the building where you want to install solar panels, since many of these are inclined and don’t allow an adequate capture of solar energy. However, you must remember that the houses in Mexico are built differently, and most of the roofs are flat.

If your house has a flat roof then it is a candidate for the installation of a solar energy system, although it is also possible to install it on a roof with tiles. 

Paneles solares Habitec.jpg

The roof has good sun exposure

Mexico has an enviable geography that many countries would like to have and areas such as the north and south of the country have excellent solar radiation that allows this type of systems to take advantage of and generate cleaner energy.

If you live in Mexico, mainly in states such as Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon or Sonora, then be assured that the roof of your house receives a large amount of daily solar radiation that could be converted into electricity for your house and savings for your pocket. 

buena exposición al sol instalar paneles.jpg

There are no trees or objects that block sun exposure

If your house is surrounded by very tall trees or some large object that could cast a shadow on your roof or block sun exposure, then this could be an element to consider if you are looking to install solar panels.

If some object blocks the sun then your solar panels will not be able to adequately capture the sunlight and your solar energy system will not be able to work optimally.

Yucatán, unlike other states of the country, has great privileges and most of the roofs are excellent candidates for the installation of solar panels:

  • The state has solar radiation throughout the whole year.
  • The roofs of the houses are flat.

no hay árboles instalar paneles.jpg

The above are the most common and ideal conditions for the installation of solar panels; however, even if the roof of your house does not have any of the aforementioned characteristics we invite you to consult Habitec. We will make a personalized study that would allow us to install a system that works in optimal conditions regardless of the characteristics of the roof of your home.

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